Do you speak the same language?

The other day I had coffee with a recent college graduate, embarking upon an entrepreneurial career in music composition and recording about which she is very excited. In the course of the conversation we discussed her career aspirations, goals and dreams. Her enthusiasm and excitement was contagious.

After listening to some of her work, I asked her, “Have you worked much with compression[1]?” She replied, “Not much, I’ve watched a few videos about it, but didn’t really get anywhere.”

I was immediately struck by the difference in learning styles and processes to access information. Were I to choose to learn a new task or skill, I would first seek out instructions and information in writing, then if necessary, supplement it with video. However, she approached it from the exact opposite manner – she watched video, and had not sought out the information in text.

We speak completely different languages.

She learns and accesses information through video much more than the written word. Were you seeking to engage her as a customer, then video over youtube is a channel you should use. But if you were pursuing me, a forty*ahem*something, other communication might be more appropriate.

Do you know who your customers are? Do you know how they access information? Are you speaking to them in their language? I’d love to hear your stories!


[1] Compression is an audio recording & production tool to manage volume and dynamic changes in live and recorded material.


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