Got Strategy?

In conversations with many individuals people over the past few months, a common observation and theme has arisen:

As our society has accelerated, and as we turn more and more to immediate gratification and payoff, the time which individuals and companies apply to analyzing, measuring, strategizing & planning has tended to decrease, especially as we have journeyed through this decade.

Yet, analysis, strategy, and planning make a world of difference in the quality of the final results. Would you set out on a roadtrip with your family without maps, without a destination, without plans? Of course, you certainly could, and as a solo person it would probably be fun – but as the group becomes larger, the opportunity for a disastrous experience grows. This planning and forethought often differentiates between outcomes of success and failure.

What analytical and strategic processes and activities do you apply in your business? What do you see others with whom you connect doing in this respect? What differences do you observe between small businesses and larger businesses when it comes to these processes? What impact does it have upon final results in your work?

I’d love to hear your insights!

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