Are you ready for the changes?

Are you aware of population and cultural trends and trajectories? Are you paying attention to the dynamics of the market in your city?

Did you know that from 2014 to 2015, the foreign-born or immigrant population grew by 9% in the St. Louis metropolitan area, to 129,559?

Did you know this is the fastest rate of growth among the nation’s top 20 metropolitan areas?

Did you know that without this immigration, the region’s population would have declined in 2015?

If you don’t adapt and adjust – you’ll find yourself left behind.

Spend some time exploring and discovering how this trend impacts your plans over both the short term and the long term. More and more people from overseas are arriving. What opportunities does this create? And, importantly, should you pursue these opportunities? How should you adjust your strategy to take this shift into account?

Should you create marketing, sales and service materials specifically oriented to the unique perspectives of foreign-born communities?

Should you seek to deeply engage with the foreign-born community?

Should you seek to recruit foreign born individuals to join your teams in customer service, sales, or any aspect of your operations?

Should you build properly translated, seo optimized pages into your next website revision or build? (the answer to this question is definitely, yes)

Tell me about the opportunities and challenges this creates for you!

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