We’re not designers. But we know the impact and importance of excellent design.

When a marketing agency creates a brand concept, they usually present three (or more) options for consideration. How do you select the best design? Intuition, experience and personal judgment, while immeasurably valuable, can only get us so far.

  • You could ask your friends and family which they like best.
  • You could ask a few clients.
  • You could run focus groups in a clinical environment.

Or, you could test, in real life, in the environment in which the customers and clients are making their decision.

We present the options with a simple set of conversational questions to discover the underlying strengths and weaknesses of each design. The responses are carefully tracked and aligned with key factors to discover which is most compelling and effective to the consumer. The responses are real. The feedback is human. The information is decisive.

The final report provides the design and campaign team with the insight needed to maximize the opportunity to the target market.

It’s a competitive world. Optimize the opportunities for success of your marketing campaigns.