Successful Client Testimonials and Quantified Outcomes from Ignite Strategies

At Ignite Strategies, our commitment to transforming businesses through strategic marketing and sales initiatives is evidenced by the tangible successes of our clients across various industries. From significant revenue growth and operational efficiencies to profound changes in marketing and sales approaches, our work speaks through the achievements of those we’ve partnered with. This page showcases a selection of outcomes from our work with clients, paired with testimonials that reflect the real impact of our collaborations. Explore these stories to understand how Ignite Strategies could be the catalyst for exceptional growth and success in your business.

Testimonials about Ignite Strategies, LLC

Our impact resonates not just through metrics, but also through the powerful voices of our clients. Our commitment to transforming businesses is vividly reflected in the testimonials from leaders and team members across various industries. From redefining marketing and sales strategies to revolutionizing CRM adoptions and personnel management, our clients attest to the profound changes and tangible results driven by our partnerships. These endorsements not only highlight the direct benefits experienced but also underscore our ability to deeply understand and effectively address unique business challenges. Hear directly from those who have seen their companies reach new heights through collaboration with Ignite Strategies, as they share their experiences and the distinct advantages our services have brought to their operations.

  • You’ve gotten more done in the past four months [in marketing, sales and CRM adoption] than we have in the prior 40 years. – President, Light Manufacturing Company
  • Your weekly pipeline meetings are the biggest pain in the ass ever, and also the most important thing we do every week to grow our company and hold us all accountablePresident, Founder, Multi-State Commercial Contractor
  • All of the front-line positions we filled together were the original objective, but the ROI in working with you came from challenging the way we thought about people management while changing our public image as an employer. – CEO of Multi-State Agri-Industrial Company
  • I called you to come back and work with us because you’re the only marketer and salesperson who both understood us and knew what they were doing. – President, Media Creation Company
  • The clients that Joel has worked with have the tools necessary to know exactly what they need. His research and reporting provide incredibly valuable insight and information necessary for a business to understand their potential and opportunities. I’ve also found that Joel is extremely flexible in that he doesn’t use the same routine on all of his clients. Everything he does is uniquely designed to solve the particular client’s issues. He is creative, easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to marketing and sales strategy, and I recommend him to any company who wants to take the fast track to growth. – Founder, President, Video Marketing collaborator on multiple projects
  • The only reason I closed that new [5-figure] deal is because of the new systems and processes we’ve been putting in place. – 20 year-Tenured Sales Rep, Light Manufacturing
  • You are the first marketing or sales vendor who has ever taken the time to truly get to know us, what we do, and what makes us different from other companies. – President and Founder, VOIP Provider
  • Joel mentored me during a transitionary phase into a permanent leadership role over the course of about a year. He was a constant resource during a somewhat hectic and trying time. The tools and guidance he provided gave needed stability and accountability. As a young person still developing networking, marketing, and organizational skills, Joel’s knowledge and expertise was an excellent source of reference. – Millennial administrative team member transitioning into business development and organizational leadership role at professional services company with annual revenues of $6,000,000.
  • I hired Ignite Strategies to conduct consumer market research for a key project at my company. What we received was so much more than what we expected. His analytical approach and attention to detail was the reason the project was so successful. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again. – Brand Manager, Private Label Pet Foods Manufacturer
  • He asks thought-provoking questions and is truly interested in learning about the inner-working of my business, and I know he treats all of his customers the same way. Every company would like to increase their sales, but few know how to map out and execute a plan. Joel relishes the opportunity to dive into sales data, which is not a fun or easy task for most business owners, but could hold the key to unlocking that company’s full potential. – Agent & Owner at P&C Insurance Agency
  • I have a pet peeve – when people say that someone is a born salesperson, or that all it takes to win at sales is a great line of B.S. Sales is a process, like any other process….it can be measured and improved. You can develop a world-class sales organization. How do you do that? One way to start is to hire Joel Emery. Joel is a process champion that assesses an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, develops a plan for improvement, and helps grow it using fact-based/disciplined tools. So if you think there is more potential to be wrung out of your sales team, ask Joel to give you a sales MRI. – President, CEO, National Manufacturing Company
  • Over time, we have worked with several very large marketing companies that promised extravagant campaigns that would supposedly generate more clients than we could ask for and “double our business in XX days!” But at the end of our business relationship we walked away each time disappointed, at a loss to our P&L, and with no more direction or still any idea of what we were doing. We tried to do it ourselves, which once again failed due to the fact that we are professionals in fitness – not marketing. We came to understand that just like fitness, you can’t become great or generate results right away, instead it takes time to learn and make adjustments to see results and to see them consistently. Then we met Ignite, who takes a tailor-made approach to your business by taking time to assess, understand who your best customers are, where they are, and even why they are. Most marketers don’t understand that when they run a campaign that produces customers but isn’t directed towards your best customers, that you don’t produce customers that will be long lasting or recurring. Ignite provides targeted marketing & sales solutions, not hype. – Principal, Health and Fitness Studio Chain
  • All I can say is, Joel is amazing. I came to Joel with an issue, wrote down visuals of my situation and he was instrumental in me creating new processes and procedures. There is not one person I’d trust to discuss my company strategies with other than Joel. He is an innovator, has a plethora of knowledge and is very blunt and honest about problems and solutions. I was thinking about different avenues to grow other portions of my company and Joel stopped me in my tracks and gave me advice to focus on my current project. I would definitely recommend Joel for strategies, sales processes, and with brainstorming ideas because he has so much knowledge. I am lucky to have him in my network and consider him a friend on top of a colleague. – Founder, Online Professional Services Company

Outcomes Generated by Ignite Strategies, LLC

We deliver measurable and significant outcomes that propel businesses forward. Our strategic approach to marketing and sales has enabled companies across various industries to achieve remarkable growth and operational efficiency. From a national commercial real estate brokerage experiencing a fivefold increase in gross commissions to a regional insurance company expanding its office footprint and revenue, our tailored strategies foster not just growth but long-term sustainable success. Each example highlights the effectiveness of integrating intentional marketing techniques, tech stacks, and systematic processes that align with their unique business needs and goals. These measured outcomes are a testament to the transformative impact of our collaborative approach with each business and team we serve.

  • A National Commercial Real Estate brokerage experienced 5x growth in gross commissions over 4 years by expanding inbound marketing, content creation, outbound marketing and structuring a tech stack, systems and processes that enabled the individual brokers to work their leads with greater efficiency.
  • A Regional Insurance Company achieved a 20% revenue growth year over year for five years. They expanded their geographic footprint from 5 to 11 full-time staffed offices. This growth was driven by focusing on a data-defined target market and audience, establishing a consistent brand tone and voice, implementing a comprehensive content creation and distribution plan, and developing a robust lead scoring system. Additionally, they supported talent development in building their business portfolios by adopting Ignite Strategies’ 4-As of business development.
  • A manufacturing and warehouse company with a 5 state footprint received greater than 2,300 submissions of interested employees over 12 months by applying a marketing and leadgen process to their recruitment systems, clearly and effectively messaging company culture and values to attract the desired applicants.
  • A commercial services company achieved an increase in quarterly ROI from lead generation and nurturance that grew from an initial $.60 to peak at $20.11 over 3 years.
  • The sales team of a light-manufacturer adopted and began using a CRM, coupled with a data-driven focus on their ideal target audiences, leading to the closing of $103,945 of new business with another $178,555 of new in the pipeline, in just the first 45 days from adoption.
  • A commercial contractor with a multi-state footprint “found” more than $2,000,000 in “stuck deals” that the sales team had forgotten, bringing several hundred thousand dollars of them to close/won status.
  • A 30-year old b2c company generated 93% revenue growth and 55% numerical sales growth over 8 years through consistent promotions and communications to prior and existing customers and new prospects with similar profiles.
  • A 25-person professional services company improved the rate of “right person / right seat” and subsequent retention by greater than 50% by building and implementing a data-driven, multi-step, and automated recruiting and onboarding process.

Realizing Potential: The Proven Impact of Ignite Strategies

The proof of our efficacy is boldly highlighted through the voices of those we’ve empowered. Our client testimonials vividly narrate the transformative experiences and exceptional outcomes achieved through our tailored strategic approaches. From monumental revenue growth and operational enhancements to groundbreaking changes in marketing and sales frameworks, these testimonials and measurable outcomes are not just feedback; they’re affirmations of our commitment to driving substantial and sustainable growth. Each story is a testament to the targeted, thoughtful strategies we implement, resonating with business leaders who have witnessed their visions come to fruition. Let’s talk and dive into these personal accounts and see why choosing Ignite Strategies means opting for a partnership that genuinely understands and profoundly impacts your business trajectory – where your business potential becomes our purpose.

Note: standard practice of Ignite Strategies is to anonymize client work