We’re not content only bringing clients in the door.

We want them to stay.

And better yet, bring more.

We move on to our Strategic Modules:

In this stage, we work through a set of processes and dialogues which combine to create a comprehensive revenue generation strategy. In this space we embrace the practices and rigor of planning, deliberating, theorizing, testing, and designing.

Brand Identity

Your brand begins at a point far deeper than logos, colors and layouts. It encompasses your company values and principles. Your brand is a contract with customers, clients and employees; an agreement, a promise. It speaks to the way in which customers, clients, and employees are treated and treat one another. From there, it defines the language and the imagery used to communicate by way of the channels available to us.

Pricing strategy

dollar signVariable pricing strategies can be used to drive demand towards excess supply and capitalize upon periods of peak demand. Introductory offers Capacities can be increased and opportunities seized.

Campaign development

From the largest company-wide campaign, to a focused, targeted campaign pursuing a select group of clients, what campaigns will drive your growth?

Marketing automation

flowchartTake the guesswork out of sales with this powerful approach to marketing. Qualify and score leads, then distribute them to your sales team to act when the prospect is interested and the time is right.

Strategic partnerships and collaborationpartner venn

When two or more businesses come together to collaborate and partner, they are able to achieve more than the sum of their separate parts – the impact can be multi-fold.

Lead qualification & scoring / analytics

What specific characteristics and behaviors define your most profitable clients? Let’s score, then prioritize how we spend our time.

Sales activities scoring / analytics

What sales activities generate results? What activities use time effectively, and conversely, which yield minimal returns on investments of time and money? How do we track these activities so that we can focus on and emphasize our areas of success?

Community engagement, corporate responsibility, & philanthropytree

In what ways do you connect with the community to accomplish your goals? How does this involvement advance your brand? How do you seize the opportunity to advance and build your profile?

Advisory board development

The development of an advisory board is a major step in your company’s engagement in the marketplace. Not only can it draw further expertise to the table, it establishes your profile, increases your credibility, and mobilizes a motivated group of advocates for your business.