The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer - Peter Drucker

Ignite Strategies is:

People First: Employees are engaged, valued, and nurtured. Their strengths are explored, their perspectives valued, and they are given ample opportunities to demonstrate leadership, innovate and show advances, increase their skills, then mentor and train others.

Technologically Oriented: The toolbox of technology and automation increase the capacity, strengths, bandwidth, and efficiency of individuals and team to engage customers and clients. When used to augment strengths of the team and maximize their timing through well-designed processes, output soars.

Interdisciplinary: People do not think and fit neatly in boxes, lines, and silos. While traditional management structures call for highly vertical organizations, opportunities are created by piercing the silos in which employees are so often constrained. Customers and clients do not see these artificial barriers, bringing us to

Seamless: Marketing, sales and operations are not separate functions, they must integrate cleanly and seamlessly from the customer or client’s perspectives and experience. When optimized, clients and customers will buy, and continue to buy, the products and services.