Mike Wilcox, Director of Sales, ProPet

“I hired Joel Emery at Ignite Strategies to conduct consumer market research for a key project at my company. What we received was so much more than what we expected. His analytical approach and attention to detail was the reason the project was so successful. I highly recommend Joel and look forward to working with him again.”

Mike Fischer, Building Materials Industry, Retired CEO & President

I have a pet peeve – when people say that someone is a born salesperson, or that all it takes to win at sales is a great line of B.S. Sales is a process, like any other process….it can be measured and improved. You can develop a world-class sales organization. How do you do that? One way to start is to hire Joel Emery. Joel is a process champion that assess an organizations strengths and weakness, develops a plan for improvement, and helps grow it using fact-based/disciplined tools. So if you think there is more potential to be wrung out of your sales team, ask Joel to give you a sales MRI. 

Tyler Blessing, Principal, TNT Health & Fitness

“Over time, we have worked with several very large marketing companies that promised extravagant campaigns that would supposedly generate more clients than we could ask for and “double our business in XX days!” But at the end of our business relationship we walked away each time disappointed, at a loss to our P& L, and with no more direction or still any idea of what we were doing. We tried to do it ourselves, which once again failed due to the fact that we are professionals in fitness – not marketing. We came to understand that just like fitness, you can’t become great or generate results right away, instead it takes time to learn and make adjustments to see results and to see them consistently. Then we met Ignite, who takes a tailor-made approach to your business by taking time to assess, understand who your best customers are, where they are, and even why they are. Most marketers don’t understand that when they run a campaign that produces customers but isn’t directed towards to your best customers, that you don’t produce customers that will be long lasting or recurring. Ignite provides targeted marketing & sales solutions, not hype.”

Ryan Winner, Principal, Ryno Resumes LLC

“All I can say is, Joel is amazing. I came to Joel with an issue, wrote down visuals of my situation and he was instrumental in me creating new processes and procedures. There is not one person I’d trust to discuss my company strategies with other than Joel. He is an innovator, has a plethora of knowledge and is very blunt and honest about problems and solutions. I was thinking about different avenues to grow other portions of my company and Joel stopped me in my tracks and gave me advice to focus on my current project. I would definitely recommend Joel for strategies, Sales processes, and with brainstorming ideas because he has so much knowledge. I am lucky to have him in my network and consider him a friend on top of a colleague. ”

Victoria Slater Giambra, Immigration Attorney, VSGPLLC

“I began working with Joel after he made several comments on my online posts and I found them helpful and valuable. I resonated with Joel’s process and ideas.  He is truly there to help and not just tell you what you want to hear or sell you something. His honesty and keen eye for detail are refreshing and were exactly what I needed.  Unexpectedly enough, it was working with Joel that helped me realize that being in business for myself wasn’t the right thing. I then used our work to identify and secure the perfect position in a non profit that is much more my style.  Thank you, Joel!”