Hiring Your Next New Salesperson… or not.

“What we need to grow is a new salesperson!”

“We’re stuck until we hire a new salesperson!”

“I can’t find any good salespeople!”

“Our recruiters can’t find any salespeople!”

I get it – at points in my career I’ve felt like the best, new, brilliant, eagle-eyed sales person is right around the corner, and when we hire him or her, the game will be changed forever!

What if there is another way that will increase profits, increase your existing team’s commissions, and increase your market share? Is hiring a new salesperson the only solution?

Are you delaying the pursuit of deep opportunities for systemic and continuous improvement as you wait for this salesperson to arrive?

Have you analyzed where the greatest opportunity for improvement lies?
  • Is it in lead generation?
  • Is it in lead qualification?
  • Is it in lead nurturance?
  • Is it in opportunity nurturance?
  • Is it in the closing process
  • Is it in the retention rate?
  • Is it in the opportunities for cross-selling?[divider style=’centered’]
Do your sales people report and log their detailed activities and results so that opportunities for improvement can be identified: both individually and as a group?
  • Cold calls
  • Re-calls
  • Texts
  • Social Media activity
  • Lunches
  • Coffees
  • Drop-bys
  • Proposals submitted[divider style=’centered’]
What would the results be if you improved the focus and accuracy of your sales team so they are spending time on the best opportunities?
  • Qualification scoring
  • Content Marketing, Automations & Lead scoring
  • Business intelligence and research[divider style=’centered’]
What about training your team – whether a pre-packaged curriculum, or a customized initiative for your business, team and market?[divider style=’centered’]
How do you do accomplish this? By applying a strategic, analytical, scientific process:
  1. Document the system
  2. Benchmark the current performance
  3. Identify the two most significant opportunities for improvement
  4. Map out all of the options to improve performance in those areas
  5. Select the path
  6. Test
  7. Execute
  8. Assess
  9. Re-assess and prioritize opportunities, then begin again

Stop waiting for the perfect sales person – help advance your sales team today!

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