Some love it, some hate it, but swag has long been a staple of business development and can play a valuable role in a multi-channel marketing and sales campaign. File this list and go over these notes the next time you evaluate swag for your team and clients: Is itRead More →

You’ve invested money in SEO, and that fancy new CRM, but the phones still just aren’t ringing. The emails aren’t coming in. Somehow, your great new product or service still isn’t jumping off the shelf. So, where are you going awry? When meeting with people, these are the top 6Read More →

If I’ve learned one truism consistent across leadership, sales, life (and even parenting) during decades of working with people, it’s this: People do not want to be told what to think. People do not want to be told what to believe. People do not want to be told how toRead More →