You’re hearing about chatbots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, constant changes in SEO. These are all good. These are all important. But what is the winning strategy for 2019? Simple: everything. Our attention (as individuals) has never been scattered. We are inundated with information overload: on television, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Read More →

You’ve invested money in SEO, and that fancy new CRM, but the phones still just aren’t ringing. The emails aren’t coming in. Somehow, your great new product or service still isn’t jumping off the shelf. So, where are you going awry? When meeting with people, these are the top 6Read More →

Meaning 1: The art of using a string of trendy buzzwords in a manner to give the impression of deep understanding of a subject, while obfuscating the substance in a manner to overwhelm the listener and gain a superior standing in a dialogue, likely involving sales, consulting or technology. Meaning 2: To muddle human perception, typically by direct frontal lobe assault, with an avalanche of corporate jargon and near-words.

When a speaker launches into a series of statements inundated with jargon and buzz, it has several effects: The listener feels under-educated and under-informed for not understanding the subject matter. Nobody really understands one another, in which case nothing good can come of it. One of the greatest ways toRead More →