You’re hearing about chatbots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, constant changes in SEO. These are all good. These are all important. But what is the winning strategy for 2019? Simple: everything. Our attention (as individuals) has never been scattered. We are inundated with information overload: on television, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Read More →

Some love it, some hate it, but swag has long been a staple of business development and can play a valuable role in a multi-channel marketing and sales campaign. File this list and go over these notes the next time you evaluate swag for your team and clients: Is itRead More →

Meaning 1: The art of using a string of trendy buzzwords in a manner to give the impression of deep understanding of a subject, while obfuscating the substance in a manner to overwhelm the listener and gain a superior standing in a dialogue, likely involving sales, consulting or technology. Meaning 2: To muddle human perception, typically by direct frontal lobe assault, with an avalanche of corporate jargon and near-words.

When a speaker launches into a series of statements inundated with jargon and buzz, it has several effects: The listener feels under-educated and under-informed for not understanding the subject matter. Nobody really understands one another, in which case nothing good can come of it. One of the greatest ways toRead More →