Have you ever managed departments who point the finger at others, passing the buck, rejecting responsibility and accountability? Of course you have. As organizational structures gain in size, siloes begin to take hold, even at the smallest groupings of employees allocating responsibilities and tasks. Seldom does a challenge or problem lieRead More →

The Journalistic outlets invest countless dollars in their polling, each taking pride in their ability to predict and project the outcome of the election with the greatest accuracy. And they all went wrong. We’ll hear analysis after analysis, excuse after excuse, from the pundits over the next few days aboutRead More →

Are you aware of population and cultural trends and trajectories? Are you paying attention to the dynamics of the market in your city? Did you know that from 2014 to 2015, the foreign-born or immigrant population grew by 9% in the St. Louis metropolitan area, to 129,559? Did you know thisRead More →