Meaning 1: The art of using a string of trendy buzzwords in a manner to give the impression of deep understanding of a subject, while obfuscating the substance in a manner to overwhelm the listener and gain a superior standing in a dialogue, likely involving sales, consulting or technology. Meaning 2: To muddle human perception, typically by direct frontal lobe assault, with an avalanche of corporate jargon and near-words.

When a speaker launches into a series of statements inundated with jargon and buzz, it has several effects: The listener feels under-educated and under-informed for not understanding the subject matter. Nobody really understands one another, in which case nothing good can come of it. One of the greatest ways toRead More →

If I’ve learned one truism consistent across leadership, sales, life (and even parenting) during decades of working with people, it’s this: People do not want to be told what to think. People do not want to be told what to believe. People do not want to be told how toRead More →

Be thorough. Take your time. Dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s.” Make sure your processes for revisions, proofing, and reviewing are fully built and make sure everything is working properly, before you make the same embarrassing mistake that someone sent to my inbox the other day: [content_container max_width=’400′ align=’center’]Hi ExampleRead More →